Mongolia Ship Registry

Mongolia Maritime Administration

Our Mission

Mongolia Ship Registry (MSR) is absolutely committed to providing fast and efficient services to the maritime community at large through its timely response and quality management system keeping human safety and environmental protection at the paramount.

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Our Values

Safe ships, clean oceans

Integrity and value our people and customers

Customer focus

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Our Vision

Mongolia Ship Registry (MSR) endeavours to become a leading maritime registry and the jurisdiction of choice for International Shipping Companies.  MSR have envisioned and committed to attain and maintain its position as an IMO white listed flag state.

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MSR - Mongolia Ship Registry

The Mongolian Government appoints the Mongolia Ship Registry Pte Ltd, Singapore(MSR) as the exclusive principle agent to process registration applications for ships flying the Mongolian flag. MSR is fully authorised to issue all the necessary documents and certificates and to administer the whole registration system.

To facilitate the conveniences of international shipowners, MSR is based in Singapore, which offers efficient telecommunications, financial and legal services easily and accessibly. It is staffed by qualified professionals and well placed to take on the challenge of providing efficient and quality services to shipowners who choose to have their vessels fly the Mongolian Flag.

Any vessel used in navigation, including non-propelled vessels, fishing vessels and pleasure yachts may be registered under the Mongolia flag. A ship may be registered under any of the following registration types:

-Normal Registration
           (a) Provisional Registration (can be completed using faxed documents);
           (b) Permanent Registration (when all registration requirements are fulfilled);

-Short Term Registration valid for a maximum of 3 months (for delivery voyages or registration of title)
-Bareboat Charter Registration
-Mortgage Registration

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Radio Accounting Authority and Conformance Testing And Certification For Long Range Identification And Tracking (LRIT)

2017-10-16 11:54:44

This is to notify the shipping community on the followings:

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2017-08-24 00:51:25

Mongolia Ship Registry registered the vessel C-Star IMO No. 7392854 under provisional certificate on 29 March 2017 to operate as a Utility/ Survey Boat. Their act against anti-immigrant and anti-Islam is purely on their behalf without any relations to the Mongolia Ship Registry.

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