About Us

The Birth of the Mongolia Ship Registry (MSR) is one of the many projects the country has undertaken to improve the investment and economy of the country.

It will contribute to the development of the Marine Transport in Mongolia and connect Mongolia into the global maritime transportation network. Appointed by the Mongolia Government as the exclusive authority to process registration applications for ship wanting to fly the Mongolia flag, the Mongolia Ship Registry (MSR) is fully authorized to issue all the necessary documents and certificates and administer the registration system. Based in Singapore where financial and legal services are readily available, the Mongolian Ship Registry is well-positioned to take on the challenge of providing efficient and quality services to ship owners who choose to have their vessels fly the Mongolian Flag.

Our Commitment

Uphold International Standards in Ship Registration Services Accredited Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 Fast & Reliable Service without compromising on Quality & Efficiency to our client's Extremely Competitive Tonnage Tax, Fees, and Attractive Incentives

Our Mission

Mongolia Ship Registry (MSR) is absolutely committed to providing fast and efficient service to the maritime community at large through its timely response and quality management system keeping human safety and environmental protection at the paramount.

Our Vision

Mongolia Ship Registry (MSR) endeavors to become a leading maritime registry and the jurisdiction of choice for International Shipping Companies. MSR have envisioned and committed to attain and maintain its position as an IMO white listed flag state

Our Values

  • Safe ships, clean oceans
  • Integrity and value our people and customers
  • Customer focus

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