Manning Requirements

The Safe Manning documents are issued by the Mongolia Ship Registry and application forms can be requested by email or downloaded from our web site. A completed application form together with the corresponding fee may be submitted directly to the head office or through any designated office for approval.

Normal Registration

All vessels, except fishing vessel, can be registered with MSR. Vessel of above 17 years old is required to submit a special survey report on the condition of the vessel for evaluation before registering.

Short Term Registration

Vessels may be registered for a short term periods. You can find here the procedures.

Bareboat Carter Registration

Foreign vessels may be registered under Mongolia as a second flag (Charter In) under the terms of a bareboat charter party, provided that the underlying registry grants its consent in writing

Mortgage Registration

The mortgage of a Mongolian vessel or any share therein may be recorded in the register as soon as the ship is provisionally registered. The procedure is :

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